Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pictures...and things

Well, I wish I took as many pictures as all you other people I know. It isn't hard to have a camera with you when the kids are doing things, no matter what it is...Oh well, I guess I'm just lazy.

Anyway, I tried to get this pregnancy "ticker" thing put on my blog. Sure didn't work though! Man, I have no idea how to get things on the HTML thing!! I know you're probably thinking I'm a little dim in the head...but, SHEESH, that thing is hard for me to figure out. Okay, so I have about 4 weeks left in my pregnancy, so it isn't a big deal. I don't even know how to change my background pictures though--any help in those areas would be nice. Don't be too harsh with comments please.

Everything is well in the Martin family so far...still children whining and fighting a bit, but not as bad as things used to be...all is looking up for us. They are actually doing very well playing with each other! It is a wonderful thing. We are even closer to getting out of debt than I thought--our bills are much less than I expected!! How wonderful! Anyway, I will write more when there is more to write!!

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Melanie said...

if you want, I can run through some of the basics of things with you when were up there this weekend. Once you know where to look it's not as hard as it seems.
I can hardly wait for you to have your baby. It's about time we get another baby in this family.